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Our x11 pool is in testing and is now available to everyone.
For current pool activity see our Pool Stats page.
Viacoin is having blockchain issues and is disabled for the time being.

Daily Bonus Payout

Each night a random miner is awarded a bonus payout.

The bonus amout is a percentage of the whole daily pool earnings, so the more hashpower, the higher the bonus!

Today's Winner:

Detailed pool information

We strive to provide extremely detailed information about:

Currently Mining Coins

3 Scrypt Coin(s)
EFL 0.000629 BTC/Mh
NLG 0.000596 BTC/Mh
888 0.000585 BTC/Mh

1 Scrypt-N Coin(s)
EXE 0.002756 BTC/500kh